RIS Workshop

On 30 May, the RIS Fellowship workshop for students and graduates took place in the AgroBioTech Research Centre of SUA in Nitra, where they are applying for an internship in companies focused on agro sector and food system in EU countries within the prestigious EIT Food Hub project.

Participants of the workshop were students and university graduates from the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic selected in the first round based on a short video presentation, which expressed their motivation and desire to work in the agri-food sector. The workshop program was aimed at introducing EIT Food Hub opportunities and a „flamingo“ solution case study, a mathematical and analytical test where candidates demonstrated their skills, creative and logical thinking, as well as the ability to work in a team at a high professional level. Participants evaluated feedback, quality, and level of event based on feedback. The results of the workshop, as well as the overall assessment of the progress, proceed to further evaluation at European level.